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Personal & Consumer Services

Our personal & consumer services include family law issues such as custody investigations/access, proof of spousal income, proof of spousal assets, and/or infidelity. We also offer investigations into bullying, abuse, or neglect; monitoring services; missing persons investigations; and more.

Personal & Consumer ServicesAt Insight Consulting And Investigative Services Inc. we provide a variety of different personal & consumer services throughout Ontario, and all of Canada. If you are looking for investigative services outside the province or country, please contact us to find out what services are available through our international network.

The personal & consumer services we provide include:

  • Family Law Issues—Custody/access, proof of spousal income, proof of spousal assets, infidelity.
  • Abuse & Neglect—If you are a worried about the welfare of a child who lives with a custodial parent or the quality of care your loved one in a nursing care centre receives, we can help. We can conduct a discreet investigation to collect valuable evidence to confirm your suspicions.
  • Bullying—If your child is the victim of a bully at school and the administration is not taking the situation seriously, we can obtain video evidence of the bullying, prepare a Witness Statement, and provide the police with documentation of what is occurring.
  • Missing Persons Investigations—If one of your loved ones has gone missing and they are over the age of 18, we can organise a missing persons investigation to help you locate them.
  • Monitoring Services—Our personal & consumer services also include options to help you monitor a spouse you suspect is cheating or check up on a teenager when they are away from home if you suspect that they are participating in unsafe or illegal activities. If you turn to us for monitoring services, we will create a comprehensive plan designed to meet your specific needs.