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Legal Support Services

If you or one of your clients has been charged with a serious criminal offense, let us gather the evidence to uncover the “Reasonable Doubt”, with our Legal Support Services.

Legal Support ServicesLet us at Insight gather crucial evidence early on in the case to protect you or your clients’ best interests with our Legal Support Services.

We provide these services Canada-wide, in addition to international clients through our extensive network. The Legal Support Services we provide include the following:

  • Witness Interviews/Statements/Affidavits—If you need more valuable evidence from your witnesses, we can conduct interviews to persuade them to provide you with additional Statements and or Affidavits. We are commissionaires and can swear Affidavits.
  • Police Procedure Reviews—We can review the written notes and conduct of law enforcement officials to determine if they followed proper operating procedures, or if they violated the legal rights of the accused or inadvertently forgot to indicate exculpatory facts, witnesses and/or other evidence.
  • Litigation Support Investigations—If you want to start gathering evidence for your case soon after charges are brought against you or one of your clients, rather than wait for discovery or cross examination, we can start collecting information to support your case immediately after the occurrence.
  • Questionable Documents/Handwriting Analysis—We can examine questionale documents to determine if they are a forgery or not. When we perform a handwriting analysis, we can determine if the writer is nervous, exaggerating facts as they describe them, or attempting to lie.
  • Accident Scene Reconstruction—With our accident scene specialist, we can examine all of the physical evidence surrounding your case and visit the scene of the incident as well as the vehicles involved to determine facts that may have been inadvertently missed or ignored.

For more details on our legal services, contact us today!